5 Ways To Extend The Battery Life of Your Mobile Devices

PhoneDroid1). Display brightness

The screens on mobile devices seem to be getting bigger and brighter every year. While these screens are easier on the eyes they are killing the batteries. Unfortunately battery technology hasn’t progressed as fast as other sectors of the mobile industry.

Reduce the brightness of your display will help to improve battery life and avoid using automatic brightness settings which actually drains your battery more rapidly than adjusting your brightness manually.

2). No cell coverage

Having poor or no service can be a real pain. You may have noticed that your battery drains quickly when you have an inconsistent signal. This happens because the device is continuously searching for a signal and attempting to communicate with a cell tower.

To conserve your battery, I recommend enabling Airplane mode or connecting to a Wi-Fi network (if available) if you will be in area with no service for an extended period of time.

3). Streaming video and playing games

As mentioned above, the display draws an incredibly large amount of power. Even more power is required when you are playing a game or streaming a movie. Streaming a netflix movie or playing a video game will kill your battery life by more than 50 percent.

If you will be away from your charger for a long time and don’t have a portable juice pack, understand that battling your friends in the latest game will see your battery life quickly reach zero.

4). GPS and location services

Have you noticed that your phone always seems to be on the verge of dying when you are using GPS?  Location services, which allow location-based apps and websites like Foursquare, Google Maps, and the camera to determine your location, can quickly drain your battery.

Using GPS and geotagging features, such as recording the location of your photos on facebook, will chew up additional battery. You can usually disable location features for select apps and services in the settings menu of your device.

5). Background data services

To ensure you never miss an email, headline, or an appointment, the apps on your mobile device are constantly pinging a server, satellite, or cell tower. This can sometimes lead to battery drain and even data overages. I recommend setting certain apps to only update and refresh over Wi-Fi, or not at all.


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