Hurricane System and Office Protection Suggestions

  1. Verify that vital record’s are in a safe storage area. Files, records, and storage cabinets may be wrapped in plastic for moisture protection. If necessary, temporarily relocate records to a safe storage facility off-site.
  2. Inventory equipment and secure a copy offsite. Take Pictures & Video.
  3. Create a Full Backup and take drive offsite storing in a secure watertight location such as inside a sealed protective bag off the ground in a safe. This Location should be at least 25 miles away. We highly recommend using a cloud based backup service in addition to this procedure.
  4. Store a hard copy of all staff’s addresses and phone numbers Home and Cell so people may communicate after the storm passes.


  1. Move desks, files, equipment and furniture away from un-shuttered windows. Papers, drawings, etc. should be placed inside files or desks.
  2. All Electrical Devices Such as Computers, Printers & Servers should be off the floor to protect from water damage from minor flooding.
  3. Wrap all office equipment, such as copy machine and computers, in plastic to protect against water damage from leaks etc.
  4. All Servers, Computers and Network Equipment should be shutdown and disconnected from all outside lines including phone, cable, data and power.
  5. Turn off all air conditioners, disconnect electrical equipment, turn off lights.
  1. Do not turn on computer equipment if there are indications of low voltage power fluctuations, low air conditioning output, water under raised floor, broken windows or damaged equipment.
  2. If there is any excessive moisture do not attempt to connect equipment.
  3. Equipment should not be used with a generator or without proper UPS protection.

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