Slow, Sluggish Laptop or Desktop Computer?

hdd-to-ssdIf you’re struggling with a slow or sluggish computer maybe it’s time for an upgrade.  The cost of a SSD (Solid State Drive) has dropped dramatically in the past 12 months.  For under $200 you can purchase a new 750GB SSD for your laptop or desktop.  If you need more capacity, 750 and 1TB SSD’s are also very economical as compared to just a year ago.

So if you have been struggling with a slow computer now is a great time to consider a SSD.  TMD Technology Services can image your computer retaining all data and the operating system migrating it to the new harddrive for you.  Couple a new drive with a memory upgrade and you will see dramitic improvement over your older tradition SATA drives.

If you would like an opinion on your laptop or desktop give us a call.
We offer a free phone consultation  (561) 404-9251 to identify if your device is a good candidate for upgrade.

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