Beware – Microsoft Security Email Scam

OK, so you got an email from “Microsoft” and it reads something like Microsoft Security info We’ve discovered series of attempts on your mail account from new IP locations. This is for your own safety to continue using your account, click the button below.

Without spending more than a few seconds you can see this came from a gmail account and also had grammar issues.  These are quick identifiers to show they are not legit.  Microsoft would never send you a message from gmail.  There are also other clues… if you hover over the “Verify My Account” link without clicking it revels a URL to a foreign server not a Microsoft domain.

Although this type of Phishing is nothing new, we have had a surge in inquiries regarding these messages.  Microsoft will not send you any email like this asking you to logon or provide credentials.  You should always type in the URL manually or use a bookmark and never click a link in an email message you are not sure of.

Refer back to our 8 Ways to protect yourself from Viruses and Malware article for additional information on avoiding malware.




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