Virus and Spyware Removal

Virus and Spyware Removal

virusIs your computer performance inconsistent?  Sometimes it runs fine, sometimes slow? There are more than a million viruses, each with a unique set of symptoms. If you’re having trouble printing or receiving unusual pop-up messages or programs running weird code you very likely you have a virus or malware. Taking care of infections as quickly as possible is important to prevent file corruption and data loss.

The good news is we can help return your computer to good health. Contact us and we will come to your office and crush that virus quickly.  If you have these issues frequently you may be interested in our monthly managed IT services option which includes antivirus and malware protection.

Viruses Types

The definition of a computer virus is a program that modifies how a computer works and can replicate itself without interaction from a person. If a program attaches itself to trusted programs on your computer and replicates, it’s considered a virus.

  • Worms on the other hand don’t require a host program. It’s a self-replicating application that can send itself through networks. Worms rely on security failures and unpatchs and often target er devices on the network.
  • Trojan Horses are programs that claim to do something, but in fact do something else such as a damage data or create a backdoor for a remote access to a computer. Trojans are typically designed to obtain files and data, and do not attempt to infect other files.


Viruses are not the only type of malicious threat. In addition to Viruses, Malware can cause your computer harm. Malware consists of Adware, Bots, Browser Hijackers, Ransomware, Rootkits, and Spyware.

  • Adware – Pop up’s and advertisements are common types of adware. It’s main function is to auto deliver revenue and is often attached to programs, sometimes in your browser. Browser Hijackers can redirect your browsing to desired sites often times to deliver an ad or further infect your computer.
  • Bots – Some are harmless and quite effective, but the Malware ones put your computer into a bot net. The bot net then uses your computer as additional processor for tasks such as sending spam.
  • Ransomware – Programs that hold your files, programs, or computer hostage. They request that you pay a ransom in order to free your data. Encrypting your files, Ransomware can destroy your information if you attempt to circumvent them.  These are often executed from files within email messages that look legitimate.
  • Root Kit – Designed to give control of the infected computer undetected. They give a third party user the ability to manipulate your computer. Root Kits often hide other programs, and can either be automated or controlled.
  • Spyware – This malware type monitors activity computer activity and can log keywords, stealing data, and personal information.

Call us today and let us help remove your virus or malware and prevent future attacks.