VoIP Phone Systems

A Cloud Phone System or Voice over IP (VoIP)

One of the newest and best ways for companies to handle their phone output is through a cloud phone system. Simply put, a cloud phone system transmits phone information through the internet. Here, the “cloud” is the internet. This system might look and sound intimidating at first, but it holds several advanced features that can help any business operate more efficiently and it also can integrate with many existing CRM’s.

Transitioning to a cloud phone system guarantees your employees more effective ways to connect with customers and more time to spend talking with them. Since most employees have a phone or computer with them in some form all the time, they can now conduct phone conversations and conference calls wherever they are using features such as find me, follow me, soft phone applications through their computer, and voicemail to email.

These systems are also typically much more economical with lower monthly recurring charges MRC than traditional analog lines.  Saving money is often one of the first reasons the small and medium business will want to make the switch.

If you are starting out or would like to upgrade your existing phone system but aren’t sure what direction you should go in, we can help you select the best option for your business.